Welcome to Ladybear


Ladybear are a Twickenham based rock band. Formed in 2006, they combine the monumental rock vocals of Amy Nicholls and the riff driven guitar of Louis Matthews

Ladybear’s debute album ‘Catch 22’ was released on Southwest Records in 2009.

In 2012 they released their follow up single. ‘Vampire’ was recorded by Morgan Nicholls. The video was produced and directed by Will Nicholls The track also features backing vocals by Billy Nicholls. You could say it was a family affair.

‘Vampire’ is available to buy here

The followup album ‘Lawless Town’ is currently in development and has evolved, not just in sound but also in script. We might have a musical on our hands.

Ladybear have been busy writing, but also they are branching out into new and exciting areas. Louis is currently touring with iamwarface and Amy is writing and producing a solo project.

Amy has also got one hell of a christmas song called ‘Festive kinda mood
Do you want to be in the video???
Here’s a karaoke link too.
Merry Christmas to all of you.